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Catching Up - Radio Interviews, College Football Pools

Spent last weekend at the Medicine Valley High School 40-year reunion (the high school's 40th year, not mine), and then have had to deal with family issues that have kept me away for the past few days. Just a quick note to let you know I'm trying to get back in action here as football practices start and the season isn't all that far away anymore. 

In the meantime, here's a link to a radio interview I did last week about Cornhusker Kickoff 2009 on KZKX-FM.

I have another radio spot this morning at 9:15 am on KCD-FM (105.9) in Omaha, then two tomorrow - the first one at 6:45 am with Jack Mitchell and John Bishop on KLIN (1400) in Lincoln. 6:45 am! About the only time I talk to people that early is when I have a gun or fishing pole in my hand, so it'll be time to pretend I'm a morning person.

The second tomorrow is at 7:05 am on KSRZ-FM (104.5) in Omaha with Glennboy and sidekick Glo. 

We will be doing a college football pool again this year as we did last year - as soon as I have some time today/tonight i'll figure out with Husker Mike what our best approach is this season. No doubt we'll have to give away some promo copies of the yearbook to weekly winners - at least for the first couple weeks.