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Husker Volleyball Ranking Drops to Sixth

The Husker volleyball team dropped to sixth in the first seasonal AVCA poll released today. The Huskers started the season ranked third behind Penn State and Texas. Today's poll finds them ranked as follows: 

Penn State

The drop was due to Nebraska's loss to Michigan Friday night in the AVCA Showcase tournament. It was a tough season opener for the Huskers - they were swept by a Michigan team to whom they'd never lost a set. On Saturday, the Huskers came back with a five-set win against then 11th-ranked Minnesota. 

I didn't see Friday's game, but Mrs C said it was like watching a high school team take on the Wolverines. Saturday's game was much more pleasing - it's always enjoyable when Nebraska beats Minnesota in volleyball. ALWAYS. 

Kansas State dropped to 23rd from 22nd after going 0-2 in the tournament, while Texas remains at second after going 2-0 over the weekend, sweeping 15th-ranked San Diego, and coming back after being down two sets to beat 23rd-ranked Long Beach State. 

Side note: We'd love to find someone to cover volleyball on a regular basis. If you're interested, send a note to Thanks.