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If Tom Osborne Rejects Red Bud Light Beer - Where Does It Go?

You've heard of the Budweiser promotion where they're putting Bud Light into cans that are the colors of whatever team or college they're trying to sell to. Purple Bud Light cans showed up a while back here in Minnesota, much to the delight of my Vikings-loving neighbors. I had one (or more..?) Friday night, while my neighbors laughed at a Packers fan drinking out of a purple can. (I laughed silently while drinking their beer, it was a fair trade.) 

However, in Nebraska, Tom Osborne decided it wasn't such a good idea for Red and White Bud Light cans to be showing up, being as more people might want to drink Bud Light, more people being collij stoodents Which is kind of weird, because if you could pick just about the most innocuous adult beverage on the planet, it would be Bud Light. 

Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne sent a letter to state Anheuser-Busch InBev distributors asking them not to participate in a promotion that dressed cans of Bud Light in college colors.

Well, if they're not being sold in Nebraska, then where they gonna go? It's not like Annheuser-Busch is going to 'un-can' the beer, put it in a regular Bud Light can and ship it back to us. They're gonna get shipped somewhere else that's red and white and sold there. In fact, if enough red and white-lovin' schools reject red and white Bug Light beer, that somewhere else is going to end up with a huge overload of cheap, easily drank American beer. 

What if it's Russia? Don't they have enough alcoholism already? What if it causes more social unrest, the hard-liners take over and we're right back to the Cold War? What if it's Alabama? Elevate the insanity of a single SEC school, and you automatically elevate the insanity of all of them. As if American doesn't have enough problems. 

 I know that being against collig stuudent binj drinking sounds great when you go to church on Sunday, but if this isn't a case (pun!) of clear-cut NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) then what is? Shouldn't Nebraska be doing its part instead of shipping problems off for someone else to deal with? Isn't this more irresponsible than if Nebraska just accepted the red-canned beer, bought it at a reasonable price, and disposed of it in a moderated and orderly manner?