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Countdown to Husker Football Season: #10 - Roy Helu Enters 2009 Playing The Part of Atlas

Only a few days ago Nebraska was coming into the 2009 season with one of the best tandems in the Big 12. Now we're coming in with one of the thinnest backfields Nebraska has seen in a LONG time.

Think about this for a minute - when was the last time the Huskers had: 

- only two running backs - Roy Helu Jr, Marcus Mendoza - with any on the field experience, with Mendoza's experience only nominal? (A quick look back brings me to 1990 with Terry Rodgers, Leodis Flowers and Lamont White, but that's a quick look)

- only three quarterbacks - Zac Lee, Cody Green, Latravis Washington -  two of which have no on-the-field experience (yikes!). 

This, my friends, leaves Roy Helu Jr entering the season not as a running back, but as Atlas. Not Charles Atlas, who turned 99-pound weaklings into real men when I was a kid, but the one of legend, who had to hold up the sky. 

Roy Helu Jr - All These Wonders By the Master's Hand, Beautiful Nebraskaland

If you expected a photoshop of Helu holding up the sky... well, CN could use some photoshop assistance. 
Instead we honor professional photographer Dennis Hubbard, who's shot of Roy Helu made the Lindy's 2009 cover of the Big 12 edition (along with several shots inside) and who provided us with excellent Husker photos last season. Congrats, Dennis!