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Countdown to Husker Football Season: #11 - Consecutive 100 Yard Games Rushing Record

Like #15, there are a number of options for #11, including one I nearly chose: 

- Matt "The Turmaninator" Turman - the once student-equipment manager turned walk-on who started at quarterback after Brook Berringer and Tommie Frazier went down to injury. For more on Turman, go back and look at the '94 Kansas State game. 

Instead of Turman I choose #11 to represent the Nebraska school record for consecutive 100-yard games rushing.

The school record is a tie between three of the best I-backs in Husker history: 

- Mike Rozier in 1983 when the streak included four straight 200-yard games (no wonder he wn a Heisman) 

- Lawrence Phillips in 1994

- Ahman Green in 1997, when the streak included three straight 200-yard games. 

Rozier and Green actually had 12-straight 100-yard rushing games, but this was before bowl games were included as part of record-keeping (no wonder new guys are breaking NCAA and school records all over the place, eh? What a marketing technique!). 

Look at the seasons during which these records occurred - ‘83, '94, ‘97. Two national titles and another would have been had Tom Osborne been the type to favor kissing your sister. 

It speaks volumes about the need for a consistent running game. Some may feel that times have changed and the spread formation has magically transformed the game of football into basketball on grass, but I'm not buying it. You?