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Cornflakes on Castille

First off lets dive into the Castille coverage. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Shatel: Losing Castille hurts
Say this for Bo Pelini: He's apparently not in a hurry. That is, he's not in such a hurry to win at Nebraska that he's going to compromise his rules or take short cuts with discipline.

What Does Losing Castille Mean? -
The announcement that Quentin Castille was dismissed from the team was not welcome news. He might have been one of the ten to fifteen players you’d least want to lose for 2009. But how much of the enthusiasm over Castille for this season was based on the Clemson game and how much of it was about what he could be versus what he’d been?

Steven M. Sipple: A void to fill at I-back
Can a true freshman, Rex Burkhead, pick up Castille’s slack?

Attention nothing new to Burkhead-
The 5-foot-11 Burkhead made varsity at Plano as a freshman, a feat that McCullough doesn’t remember any other player doing at a school that has won seven state championships in Class 5A, the biggest classification in Texas.

Double Extra Point: Rex Burkhead Fever Has Begun
This is so good, I'm using the quote style-

"I remember five years ago when everybody told me Rex Burkhead was going to be a middle school stud, high school dud. I told them, ‘You’re crazy.’ For all those people who say he’s overrated, just wait four more years until he’s turned that Nebraska program around.  ~Tom Inman, Burkhead’s former basketball coach

In lighter news-
Hot Huskers site has some in Nebraska seeing red | - Houston Chronicle

Tackling a cyclone: Grantland Rice, the internet, and the death (and rebirth) of sports writing | Smart Football
When I read this, I realize I need to become a better writer. I need to stop being like all the other Nebraska football writers out there and become myself. It's amazing that after three years of this, I need to remind myself of that. - CB

Watch 'The Colledge Experience' With Brandon Jackson!
Interview with Brandon Jackson, now of the Green Bay Packers. At least this former Husker running back looks, acts, and talks like a role model. What's the difference between Cornhusker fans and Packers fans? Brandon answers that for you. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - NU Notes: Six in-state walk-ons nab scholarships
Nebraska coach Bo Pelini announced Saturday that six players have been elevated from walk-on to scholarship status with the Husker football team. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Football: Tenopir likes Huskers’ direction
Milt Tenopir has seen his share of Nebraska football games. After watching Nebraska go 9-4 last year in Bo Pelini’s first season as head coach, the former NU offensive line coach believes the Huskers are headed in the right direction.

Daily Soccer Fix - Dispatches from national soccer writer Steve Davis
Daily Soccer Fix has come to SB Nation - don't know if you're a soccer fan (I'm becoming more of one every year), but there's your daily fix - CB.