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CBS Sports Blogpoll Top 25: First 2009 Preseason Ballot

Contained within is my first full post of my Top 25. I had posted my Top 10 earlier, but have made changes since, based on some of the feedback given. 

I originally had Nebraska ranked in front of Kansas, but with the dismissal of Quentin Castille, I have to admit that I don't feel as comfortable putting Kansas behind us as I did previously. 

The regular cycle for the blogpoll is to post a draft ballot by Monday, obtain your feedback, then post a final poll on Wednesday. 

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Oklahoma
3 Southern Cal
4 Texas
5 Mississippi
6 Alabama
7 Oklahoma State
8 Virginia Tech
9 Penn State
10 California
11 Ohio State
12 Boise State
13 Georgia
14 LSU
15 Rutgers
16 Georgia Tech
17 Clemson
18 Brigham Young
19 Oregon
20 TCU
21 Iowa
22 Utah
23 Kansas
24 Nebraska
25 Florida State