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Countdown to Husker Football Season: #15 - Tommie Frazier - "How Many Tackles Can One Man Break!"

As if I could get away with putting anything else at #15 without being killed by you guys. There are some other possible alternatives: 

- 15 years ago, (1994 for the math challenged among you) Nebraska entered the season with the theme "Unfinished Business" after being jobbed at the ‘94 Orange Bowl. We covered that already. 

- Did you know that at least one former Husker player has appeared in 15 of the last 16 Super Bowls? 

- In the total history of Nebraska football, we've lost only 15 times to Kansas State, winning 75 and tying three. 

- On the other hand, we've lost 15 times to Pittsburgh, but won only six. The good news is that we haven't lost to them since 1957 and we've won the last three in a row (1958, 2004, 2005).

- 15 is the record for consecutive completed passes, by Dave Humm at Kansas on October 19, 1974. 

- Corey Schlesinger's first touchdown run in the 1995 Orange Bowl win for Tom Osborne's first national title Miami was.... 15 yards long. 

However, this countdown list is not about originality, nor is it about being clever. It's about preparing for the 2009 season. Given those parameters, is there any other option (pun intended) but Tommie Frazier? 

"How Many Tackles Can One Man Break!" - Still the greatest line in Husker history. This is the long version, just so you can see more Gator pain, so you can see the replay in slow motion, and then see more Florida Gator pain.