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Cornflakes wants a throwback - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Football: Throwbacks 'worth it'
Nebraska will wear 1962 throwback uniforms on Sept. 26 to commemorate the 300th consecutive sellout at Memorial Stadium. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Football Notes: Suh accumulating honors
Suh among 55 on Bednarik watch

NCAA Football Preview - Nebraska Cornhuskers - Kansas City Star
OUTLOOK: As good as the Cornhuskers were last year, they could be even better this time around. That is of course, as long as Lee is able to establish himself early, and one or two of the wide receivers steps up in a big way.

Chris Dufresne's preseason top 25: No. 20 Nebraska --
Pelini, typical coach, warns that Nebraska's blackshirts are not back yet. "We're not in the same galaxy of where I want to be on defense," he says. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Shatel: Osborne loves Meyer's options
I love Tom Osborne. Always have. I was on the other end of some whippings against Nebraska. He's had an influence on me and many other coaches.'' Meyer was an assistant at Illinois State (1988 and '89), Colorado State (1990 to '95) and Notre Dame (1996 to 2000) before starting his head-coaching career at Bowling Green. Meyer was on the CSU staffs that lost to Osborne's Huskers in 1991 (71-14) and 1993 (48-13). He also was receivers coach at Notre Dame when NU won in overtime in South Bend in 2000. "Coming up in coaching, I was always a big fan of the option,'' Meyer said. "I was always interested in it. Nobody ran it better than Nebraska and Tom Osborne. I've watched their offense for years. They had variations off the option, but the way they ran it nobody could stop it. I was influenced by that. Absolutely.''

Rock Chalk Talk with Kansas Recruit Keeston Terry - Rock Chalk Talk
Rock Chalk Talk with Kansas Recruit Keeston Terry who switched to Kansas after originally committing to Nebraska. - Lincoln, Nebraska - Football
"I have a philosophy that I believe in so I’m going to adhere to my philosophy because I believe in it ...," Watson said. "But I’m also going to open up my box wide enough that I’m going to take input and I’m going to listen to other ways of doing things. And I’m going to utilize the room. There’s a very talented room there."

Football: Catching up with Zac Lee
Q: This offense allows you to be selective. Do you like not having to key in on one certain guy, or is it better to have a go-to receiver? A: I think the best thing about this offense is exactly what you said. No one knows where the ball is going. Hopefully, we have six guys with like 35 to 40 catches. That'd be awesome if we could just spread it out and have even distribution of the football because then defenses, they don't know where to go.
If the season truly works out this way things will be wonderful. At this point we can only hope. I'm still placing my bets on the running game - CB