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What Worries You Most About the 2009 Husker Football Season?

I did an interview last night at 8:45 pm,with Lane Grindle on KFAB. It's kind of weird doing these things because I never know what questions they're going to ask ahead of time. There's nothing wrong with that - obviously I was on the radio to talk about the Nebraska yearbook and the upcoming season - two subjects I'd better know something about, eh? 

Anyway, during the interview, Grindle asked me what I thought was the biggest issue for the 2009 season, basically, what should Husker fans be most concerned about? 

My answer wasn't all that stunning, I'm sure 95% of Husker fans would come up with the same answer (the other 5% being stoned on allergy medicine might say something weird involving Bob Devaney and hats).

I'm sure that most people are worried about the quarterback position, about Zac Lee, but that's not what I'm most concerned about. I'm worried about the offensive line. You get a good enough offensive line and your quarterback doesn't have to do all that much, the greatest proof of that being that Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring while Dan Marino doesn't. 

We lost two right tackles from last season, Lydon Murtha and Jaivorio Burkes. That's not a good thing because we really need to find two right tackles to replace them. The right guard position isn't settled, the hope being that Ricky Henry can get his stuff together and assume the position. If he doesn't, we'll see Jacob Hickman move to right guard, and Mike Caputo take over center. Maybe that's not such a bad mix, but what it does is point out the weakness in the overall rotation. 

I didn't sound this articulate while on the radio - that's the beauty of writing - you can go back and edit yourself and make yourself sound a lot better. However, that is what I'm most worried about this season - can Barney Cotton get his line unit together for the season? 

Maybe others are more concerned about the quarterback. Actually, I'm guessing most are, in fact, way more people are concerned about the quarterback, like I'm part of that 5% group that's stoned on allergy medicine. Is that the case? What are you worried most about?