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Countdown to Husker Football Season: #19 - Quentin Castille Will Pack A Big Load This Season

#19 comes to you by way of our ‘backup' running back - Quentin Castille. Castille enters his junior season having already played quite a bit during his first two seasons. As a sophomore last season he was the third-leading rusher behind Roy Helu Jr and Marlon Lucky. As a freshman, Castille was the second-leading rusher behind Marlon Lucky. 

With the 2009 Huskers starting a new quarterback, you can bet that Castille will be a huge part of every game plan going into this season. It is imperative that Nebraska establish a strong running game early in the season, and Castille provides a perfect complement to starting running back Roy Helu Jr. Castille does not have Helu's break-away speed, as is evident in the video on the next page, but he is a more powerful back than Helu and hasn't had issues with injuries. 

After the jump - the video may take a while to load - which is why it's not on the main page. 

Castille has progressed significantly over the past two seasons - when he arrived at Nebraska he was primarily seen (and used) as a power back for goal line and short yardage situations. He proved himself capable of being a featured back when he took over full-time duties in last year's Gator Bowl against Clemson after both Marlon Lucky and Roy Helu were sidelined due to injury. Castille's two long runs of 58 and 40 yards were responsible for setting up ten of the Husker's points in the 26-21 come from behind win. His 20-yard pass reception came on a third and long play - Joe Ganz found Castille as a check down receiver, and Castille did the rest to pick up the first down. Those three plays alone show how far Castille has progressed as a back. 

The greatest thing about Castille is that he's the backup. The fact that the Huskers have a backup who has two seasons left and has shown the abilities that he has bodes well for the running game this coming season. 

(Clips were taken from last season's Gator Bowl DVD as part of the 2008 season package from Clips require the Quicktime plug in.) 


I look for great things from Castille this season. He's consistently improved his game, become a complete back, and shown the toughness required for his position. I have a hunch that he'll have a better season than Helu. I'm curious as to whether CN readers care to make any predictions about his 2009 season.....?