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Countdown To Husker Football Season: #20 - Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers Just Tore 'Em Lose From Their Shoes!

We have done so few lists here at Corn Nation, and they're the easiest things to do as a writer. That changes now as we begin the countdown to the 2009 season, and who better to start with than the immortal Heisman winner Johnny Rodgers???? 

Is there anything more Nebraska football than Rodgers' punt return in the 1971 "Game of the Century" between Nebraska and Oklahoma - made even more timeless by the voice of the late great Lyle Bremser? 

The beauty of it puts you in a place and time - it holds you there suspended in time if you were fortunate enough to see it live. If you weren't - then ask your grandparents and watch their face as you play the clip. Man, woman and child - it's all about Husker football. 

Johnny Rodgers remains one of the greatest players in Husker history - one of three Heisman trophy winners, and holder of a gob o' NCAA records to this day. I interviewed Rodgers during the 2007 season and asked him about whether or not the guys from his day could play the game today. His response is worth a read.