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Cornflakes is our God-given birthright

Look for more Corn flakes as the season approaches, links are coming in faster than a blitzing linebacker.

Big 12 preseason power rankings - Tim Griffin has NU at #4-
4. Nebraska: Last year's late finish has Cornhusker fans believing the magic is back with Bo Pelini. But breaking in a new quarterback and trying to find some deep receiving threats will keep the Cornhuskers from dreaming about a Big 12 title -- at least for this season.

Will Anyone Win the Big 12 North This Season? - Bring On The Cats
Nebraska fans consider winning anything and everything associated with football their God-given birthright, so of course they expect to win the division this year.

God-given birthright? That's darned close to blasphemy, but I'll go with it! - CB

Double Extra Point: The 2009 Big 12 North Preview/Schedule Breakdowns/Predictions
Pretty decent preview of the Big 12 North from Sammy over at DXP.

BlogPoll Revamp 2009 | mgoblog
Corn Nation will be once again part of the CBS Sports Blogpoll, voting on the Top 25 on a weekly basis with feedback from fans - CB.

Photo Gallery: Fall Camp (8-8-2009) -—Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Pictures from day 1 of fall camp.

Neutralizing A Dangerous 1-Tech Using 10 Personnel -
Beergut shows how Big 12 offenses might neutralize Ndamukong Suh.

I'm reminded of the old Bill Cosby line as he watched his coach diagram plays on a chalkboard - "with a piece of chalk, this man is blocking all kinds of people!" - CB

More links after the jump, Watson like the WR's, 2 more preseason rankings for NU, Larry the Cable Guy gives some cash, the LB's need to be more physical, CB looks at the SEC media and ticket policy, and lots more. Give in to the link, you must click the link...

Watson optimistic about receiver depth
This is a good thing - JLew

The Quad Countdown: No. 22 Nebraska - The Quad Blog -
Nebraska's return to glory enters year two of the Bo Pelini era, and sees the Cornhuskers as the favorite to win the Big 12 North.
The NY Times Quad provides an extensive review of 2009 Nebraska. And they mention us. Yay. - CB

Life in the Red: LBers need to be more physical
We have to get to the point where there are no free passes," Ekeler continued. "If a receiver's going to drag across the middle, we're going to take his damn head off. "We're going to be physical in the run game. We're not going to take a side on a fullback. We're going to hit him right under the chin -- split his chin -- and get off and make the play."
I don't have much doubt that Mike Ekeler's can back up this kind of talk this year. There are enough of them that if they're not performing at a high level, they're not playing - CB.

Prelude to a Season: #15 " Over The Pylon
Nebraska comes in at #15 at Over the Pylon. Not a bad write-up considering all those that are out there.

5 Things - Biggest Questions Heading into Fall Practice - Double-T Nation
DTN's 5 Things examines the five biggest questions heading into fall practice.

Larry the Cable Guy gives $1M to advocacy center
The Whitneys announced Tuesday they were giving $1 million to kick-start fundraising for a new Child Advocacy Center; they also announced the start of their own charitable group, the Git-R-Done Foundation.
If there are Husker fans out there who are embarrassed by Larry The Cable Guy, or think that he's bad for Nebraska - you can kiss my patootie. - CB

The New SEC Media (and Ticket) Policy: First Analysis - Rocky Top Talk
A review of the changes in the SEC Media and Ticketholders Policy.
If this is how big money affects the way we experience college football, I hope it never happens to the Big 12. The restrictions are incredible - if I were doing a SEC-based Maple Street Press yearbook, I'd be especially concerned about Getty Images' ability to do their jobs. - CB

FAU tailback depth takes a hit
Ted Hutton follows FAU like a stalker - you should read his site. FAU has lost their two most experienced tailbacks for the season. Sucks to be them.