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Housekeeping - How to Get the Most Out of Corn Nation's Site Changes

Corn Nation (and other SB Nation sites) has gone through a ton of changes since last football season. We've also added a substantial number of new users, so from time to time I'll be updating you with these posts that point out how you can get the most out of our site. 

One of the more useful items you'll find this season is the ability to quickly locate information on your favorite teams and players by using the new team and player pages. 

Click the "jump" to find more information..... 

Team Pages 

The team page is available by clicking on the "Cornhuskers" link in the main navigation bar above (where it says "Home, Fanposts, Fanshots, etc.). You'll be taken to a page where you'll see articles about Nebraska from all over SB Nation.

There is a selection box available where you can select any team and any player. Selecting either will automatically bring up a list of stories about that team or player. Player stats, injury updates, and more will be available during the season. 

Nebraska's team page - maybe you'd like to bookmark that to make it easier. 

Player Pages 

If you're interested in finding out more information about specific players... oh, say, like Ndamukong Suh, you can click on the "Rosters" link in the main navigation bar, select a player from the roster and click on them. This will take you to the player's page where you'll find all the articles being written about a specific player... like Ndamukong Suh. 

Note you can also get to the player pages from the team page. 

Fanposts, Fanshots 

SB Nation sites are all about communities, and the single user sign on functionality allows you to create a single user account to access any site at SB Nation (over 200 sites available covering all sports). 

Fanposts allow you to create your own topics for other users to discuss. If you happen to do a good write up on a particular subject, we'll be more than happy to promote you to the front page. 

Fanshots allow you to add even more content, however, adding a fanshot by clicking on the "New Fanshot" link at the upper left seems like a lot of work. Instead, use the "Share on SB Nation" button available on the Fanshot page of your profile.

You can get to the Fanshot page by clicking on your user name at the upper left, then clicking on the "Fanshots" link on that page (this is different than the "New Fanshot" button). Here you'll find the "Share on SB Nation" button. You can drag this button to the bookmark bar on your browser and easily create fanshots by using that button from there.

Links - When you find an interesting article. Just click the "Share on SB Nation" button from your browser bookmark bar and it'll automatically make a Link Fanshot and give you a place to add your own description.

Quotes - If you want to make a Quote FanShot, highlight a portion of the article and then click the "Share on SB Nation" button from your browser bookmark bar. It will automatically populate the fields of your FanShot.

Images - Right click and "view image" so that the the image is on it's own page. Then click the "Share on SB Nation" button.

Video - On YouTube (or other video sites that allow embedding) just click the button and it'll take care of the rest.

I would  love to see more use of the Fanshots and Fanposts, especially for support of other sports besides football. 


Corn Nation is available via mobile devices at the address - We've recently added the ability to post comments via mobile devices, another great feature for this coming season. 

Social Media 

You can get updates from Corn Nation through your favorite social media sites. We have a Facebook fan page - so you can become a fan of CN on FB. 

And you can always follow us on twitter!