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How CornNation Voted for All-Big XII

In the interest of full disclosure, here's how CornNation voted for the SB Nation All-Big XII team.  We won't hide our selections, though really, it seems our vote wasn't much different than the final selections.

Quarterback:  (Vote 2)  Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy
This was a no-brainer since it was "vote for two"; if we had to vote for only one, it would have been a battle.  I think I might have voted for Colt McCoy in that situation...but could have been easily convinced to go with Bradford. Both are worthy candidates

Running Back: (Vote 3) DeMarco Murray, Chris Brown, Kendall Hunter
Again, this was a really easy decision here since I didn't have to choose between the two-headed monster in Norman. The question to me is, would I have voted for Roy Helu if I had been allowed to? Based on how Helu ended 2008, I would have been tempted to, but then I'd have to ask who I'd bump. So my answer is: no...but I really think I Helu won't be shut out when the bloggers vote at the end of the season.

Wide Receiver: (Vote 3) Dezmon Briscoe, Dez Bryant, Jordan Shipley
Another easy pick here; the only thing funny is that two guys named "Dez" got nominated; what's the odds of that.  Good news for Husker fans:  NU only faces Briscoe this fall.

Fullback: (Vote 1) Matt Clapp
Only two nominees here, and while I thought nostalgically at selecting Millard North alumnus Jake Behrens, common sense held here. It's a shame that the fullback seems to have evolved out of modern football.

Tight End: (Vote 1) Jermaine Grisham, Andrew Jones
Grisham was another no duh, and I felt confident that Mike McNeill would get a vote from nearly everybody else. Andrew Jones might have been a reach, but he showed something as a backup last season to me. Tight end has been a staple of the Tiger offense in recent years, and Jones looks like the player most likely to step up.

Offensive Line:  (Vote 5) Adam Ulatoski, Kurtis Gregory, Russell Okung, Trent Williams, Chris Hall
Guilty as charged of basing it on reputation. Watching the offensive line in today's aerial college football game is more difficult because the game is so much more wide open; if you focus on the line, you'll miss something else. I've always brought binoculars to games so I could focus on the line play, but I don't use them nearly as much as I used to because I miss so much focusing on the line play.

Defensive End: (Vote 2) Austin English, Sergio Kindle
Truth be told, I originally had Kindle on my linebacker list, until BON confirm that the 'Horns are playing him at defensive end this season. I'm not so sure that Kindle wouldn't get some votes at any position other than maybe punter.  The loser of Kindle's move to end?  Jeremy Beal.

Defensive Tackle: (Vote 2) Gerald McCoy, Colby Whitlock
I figure that I was the only one who didn't vote for Ndamukong Suh (because I couldn't).  And since I knew that it really didn't mater who I voted for after McCoy (who had to be an almost unanimous pick like Suh), I thought I'd show a little love for someone outside the power teams.

Linebacker: (Vote 4) Sean Weatherspoon,  Travis Lewis, Joe Pawelek, Andre Sexton
Weatherspoon and Lewis were pretty much automatic picks. Pawelek toils in obscurity because he plays for Baylor. He might get a little more credit now that A&M has replaced Baylor as doormat.  Sexton is a versatile hybrid player who's perfectly suited for the spread offenses so prevalent in the Big XII today.

Cornerback: (Vote 2) Dominique Franks, Perrish Cox
Franks won my vote on the opening play of the NU/OU game last season. His read of the wide receiver screen was so uncanny, I can't help but vote his way. Cox is an exciting player in the return game, but is showing signs of becoming that same player on defense.

Safety: (Vote 2)  Jordan Lake, Darrell Stuckey
Lake is another Baylor player who doesn't get the notice he deserves.  Stuckey's getting some national pub as one of the best in the nation.

Punter: (Vote 1) Mike Brandtner
Two reasons for this one: (a) he hasn't had a punt blocked yet, and (b) playing for Iowa State, he gets more than enough opportunities to punt.