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Cornflakes is abso-tooting-lutely nuts

Nebraska has been chosen as the favorite to win the Big 12 North Division according to the league's football preseason poll, voted on by media representatives who cover the conference.

Mike DeArnold has this to say about that pick-

The Cornhuskers have an inexperienced quarterback, lost just as much as Missouri on offense, don’t have a running back of the caliber of MU’s Derrick Washington. Shouting The Blackshirts Are Back! seems based more on t he hope that Bo Pelini is a defensive genius rather than a first-year college head coach that was simply better than Bill Callahan. Here’s one: those people picking Nebraska to win the Big 12 North are abso-tooting-lutely nuts

He gets taken to the interweb woodshed in the comments section. Double Extra Point rips this better than I ever could, and Husker Mike finishes up the retort quite nicely

You can see part of the ESPN College Football Live show here.

Last week’s exposure on ESPN’s College Football Live was a tasty appetizer for the main course, which won’t be served for another 45 days when Nebraska hosts Florida Atlantic. In the meantime, Husker fans will have to settle for reports beginning next week from Big 12 Football Media Days in Dallas and the Nebraska Football Fan Day Aug. 8 at Memorial Stadium.

The Big 12's toughest nonconference games - Big 12 - ESPN

#1 Nebraska at Virginia Tech, Sept. 19: Bo Pelini's toughest nonconference road game to date. The Hokies are ranked no lower than 14th nationally in any preseason magazine I've seen yet and will be a tremendous challenge in Blacksburg. In order to win, the Cornhuskers will have to keep Virginia Tech's defense and special teams in check and hope for a break or two.

Tim Griffin picks Nebraska - VT as the top non-con Big 12 game. He picks a number of others as well, in fact, everyone Big 12 team is mentioned except one. Guess who's a bigger pansy than Bill Snyder!!!! I hope it bites them in the long run.

Speaking of cupcakes, Kansas begins a two-year series against Georgia Tech at Lawrence in 2010, highlighting the Jayhawks’ future football schedules. And that's the only highlight. College Football - 120 Countdown: No. 27 Nebraska

SEC fortunes strengthened by new TV deals

Mike Slive props his feet on the coffee table in his office, leans back in his chair and gets comfortable. The Southeastern Conference commissioner has several reasons to be so relaxed on a recent midsummer morning. For one, the league secured 15-year television deals with CBS and ESPN, a few months before the economy was officially declared in recession.

But don't worry I'm sure ESPN won't go and root for SEC teams, it's not like they'll be making money on them or anything...

ESPN Regional has arranged for station clearances for over-the-air broadcasts of a package of SEC games this season in Big 12 markets like Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kan.


No other conference can match the SEC's mainstream national assault -- even with the availability of the Big Ten Network on some satellite systems.

Oh that's awesome...