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SB Nation 2009 All-Big 12 Pre-Season Team - As Good A Job As the Regular Media

The SB Nation Big 12 bloggers got together and voted on who we believe will make up the 2009 All Big 12 pre-season team. Colorado blog Ralphie Report did all the work in gathering the nominations and coming up with the totals, even though the Buffs were shut out in the process. 

SB Nation currently represents 10 of the 12 schools, missing Oklahoma State and Baylor (incidentally, we're looking for bloggers for those schools) , and each site could not vote for their own nominations, i.e. Corn Nation was barred from voting for Nebraska players. 

The Big 12 All Conference team ended up being dominated by the South with 21 of the 27 players coming from four teams (Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma). Texas Tech, Colorado, Iowa State, Texas A&M and Kansas State were all shut out.

Click the jump to see the selections..... 

The unfortunate fact for the Big 12 North and Nebraska is that this team shouldn't look much different than the one the Big 12 media will be releasing today - it's hard to argue with any of these picks, although as I posted earlier, you might expect to see Brandon Carter from Texas Tech in as a first-team offensive lineman. 

It'll be interesting to see if Bradford gets the nod over McCoy, and if the running backs end up as they are here - I thought that both Oklahoma running backs might have gotten the choice over Hunter from OSU. 

CB Dominique Franks, OU OL Russell Okung, OSU K Alex Henery, Nebraska
CB Perrish Cox, OSU OL Adam Ulatoski, Texas KR Dez Bryant, OSU
DE Sergio Kindle, Texas OL Chris Hall, Texas P Derek Epperson, Baylor
DE Auston English, OU OL Trent Williams, OU    
DL Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska OL Kurtis Gregory, Missouri    
DL Gerald McCoy, OU QB Sam Bradford, OU    
LB Joe Pawelek, Baylor RB Kendall Hunter, OSU    
LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri RB DeMarco Murray, OU    
LB Travis Lewis, OU
Jermaine Gresham, OU    
S Darrell Stuckey, Kansas WR Dez Bryant, OSU    
S Jordan Lake, Baylor WR Jordan Shipley, Texas    
    WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas    
    FB Matt Clapp, OU    

Oklahoma ended up with by far the most picks - nearly double the amount over Oklahoma State, and over twice as many as Texas. What should strike you is the fact that Baylor placed three players on the team - and you really can't argue much with the selection of Jordan Lake and Joe Pawelek. 

Oklahoma Sooners 9
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 5
Texas Longhorns 4
Baylor Bears 3
Missouri Tigers 2
Kansas Jayhawks 2
Nebraska Cornhuskers 2

Tomorrow we'll know the regular media's selections. I wouldn't be surprised to see if they're pretty comparable. Comments encouraged!!!!