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Nebraska Picked To Finish First in Big 12 North By People Who Do This For A Living

A bunch of people who do this for a living picked Nebraska to finish ahead of Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. Clearly there was some competition between Nebraska and Kansas, but the third place position shows a pretty decent drop.

Perhaps the economy will begin to recover, the violence and uncertainty in the word decrease and climate change no longer be an issue now that things appear to be being restored to their rightful order. 

Texas was picked to win the South if for no other reason than they got screwed last year, should be really angry about it and want revenge.

Iowa State and Texas A&M - whoeee - not much respect for either of those teams, is there?

Here's how the voting looked:

2009 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll

North Division
1.    Nebraska (17)    172
2.    Kansas (12)    164
3.    Missouri (3)    124
4.    Colorado    100
5.    Kansas State    81
6.    Iowa State    33
South Division
1.    Texas (17)    174
1.    Oklahoma (15)    174
3.    Oklahoma State    130
4.    Texas Tech    89
5.    Baylor    75
6.    Texas A&M    33
first-place votes in parentheses