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Pete Carroll's Open Invitation to Preseason Practice

On Twitter this afternoon, Pete Carroll issued an open invitation to fans, boosters, supporters, and probably even other coaches to USC's preseason practices. (All except their pregame walkthrough the day before their season opener against San Jose State.)

As if that's not cool enough for fans, he's also holding a "mock game" at the LA Memorial Coliseum on the last Saturday of August. Kind of a "spring game" in August. Needless to say, Pete Carroll isn't concerned about "hiding" anything in his preseason practices. Of course, when you've been one of the top college football programs this decade, you can usually get away with anything.

I just have to wonder what kind of crowd might show up for a "mock game" in the Coliseum. In fact, I wonder what would happen at Nebraska if they opened up a scrimmage to the general public to attend. If dear 'ol Nebraska U can sell out a spring game, just what would happen for a preseason practice that would give fans their first look at the incoming freshmen?

Could you even sell tickets? Even if NCAA regulations didn't allow it, the income from concessions might prove to be quite the windfall for the athletic department. In today's era where colleges are looking more than ever for revenue sources, selling tickets to a scrimmage might be one way to raise additional funds.

I don't know if EVERY practice should be open to the public; after all, coaches should be allowed to keep certain things under wraps. But certainly opening up selected workouts and practices to fans and the media would increase goodwill and positive coverage of the program, as well as potentially being financially rewarding.