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Cornhusker Kickoff 2009 - The Nebraska Football Yearbook For the Die Hard Fan

Cornhusker Kickoff 2009 300
Cornhusker Kickoff 2009 300

As editor, I'm proud to announce this year's Husker football yearbook Cornhusker Kickoff 2009. Unlike other preseason magazines that have only a couple of pages about your favorite football team, Cornhusker Kickoff 2009 is all about the Huskers and this upcoming season. 

The format has changed somewhat this season. The yearbook is longer (128 pages compared to 112 last year), and it has a look and feel more like a preseason football magazine. There are a lot more photos, and a lot more relevant stats, particularly in the position breakdowns. One important thing stays the same - it's a full 128 pages of content with absolutely NO ads. Obviously, I'm biased, but it's one fine-looking item to have in your possession for the upcoming season. 

The yearbook is available for ordering online at Huskerpedia and Maple Street Press. It will be available in stores later in July across Nebraska wherever you can find other preseason college football magazines. 

After last year's inaugural issue, A Sea of Red, we changed the name this season. To be honest, I liked the name A Sea of Red better, but unfortunately distributors (the people who need to buy the book and get it into circulation) weren't recognizing the link between A Sea of Red and Cornhusker football, so a name change was in order. Cornhusker Kickoff is a little cheesier, but if it helps sell the book so that more people see it, the better. Ah, the realities of business. 

Click the jump for a look at the contents. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. To post a comment, you must be a member of Corn Nation. Accounts are free and shared across the entire SB Nation network of sports blogs. 

 Table of Contents is as follows: 

Building On The Foundation: 2009 Cornhusker Position Breakdown

by Jon Johnston - A complete breakdown of the 2009 team by unit, with position analysis, returning statistics and record holders. 

Know Your Enemy: Cornhuskers 2009 Schedule Analysis

by Jon Johnston - An extensive look at the opponents for the upcoming season

The First Step In Restoration

by Mike Jaixen - a review of the 2008 season

Ready To Lead

by Tad Stryker of Huskerpedia - an interview with Ndamukong Suh about his role as a leader 

The Pursuit Of Chemistry

by Brian Christopherson of Husker Extra - the challenge of replacing Joe Ganz, Nate Swift, and Todd Peterson. It isn't just about the stats. 

Adjusting To Personnel

by Mike Jaixen - A look at how offensive coordinator Shawn Watson adjusts his offense to the personnel at hand, a preview of what we can expect this sason. 

Five Who Make The Year

by Darren Carlson of Big Red Network - Five players who will make the season a success

And... Five You Need To Watch

by Darren Carlson - Five more players you need to be aware of who'll make a difference

Game Of Cycles, Man Of Tradition

by Adam Nettina of In the Bleachers - An outsider's look at Bo Pelini's first year as a head coach

Meet The Freshmen

by Brandon Cavanaugh - a look at the 2009 recruiting class, including walk-ons. The photos here are much improved over last season's edition. 

The Power Of Red... Shirts

by Darren Carlson - Bo Pelini redshirted a lot of players last season that will make an impact this year. 

The State Of Husker Athletics

by Steve Sipple of Husker Extra - an interview with Tom Osborne about the current state of the Nebraska athletic department 

The Great Wide Open

by Darren Carlson - A look at the wide open Big 12 North

Return To Prominence

by Brandon Vogel of Big Red Network - What will it take for the Cornhuskers to reach the top? 

Bob vs. The Bear

by Brandon Vogel of Big Red Network - People remember Bob Devaney as a humorist more than a coach, it seems, but this article will convince to look at him in a different way

"Thunder" Thornton

by David Max - "Big Red Max" of Huskerpedia - Who Was Bob "Thunder" Thornton and why was he important to the foundation of Nebraska football

Nebraska Gamedays

by Mark Fricke - A look back at what Husker gamedays were like in yesteryear. 

Paydirt! Touchdown! Six Points!

by Mark Fricke - the Huskers will score their 4000th touchdown this season. A look at milestone touchdowns throughout Husker history