My Big XII Pre-season Rankings

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I agree that we could win the North as easily as anybody else. But my preseason pick is Kansas. Here’s how I rank the Big XII from top to bottom, tell me what you think…..

1. Texas- I give them the edge by a very, very, very, thin hair. An improved running game and OU having some big holes to fill at the O-line position I think gives them a slight edge. If the Red River Shootout was in late November I would probably give the edge to OU because their line would have played together a few more games. The O-line in close games usually is the difference because misques by them usually leads to a killer turnover or 3rd and long situations.

2. Oklahoma- They are just plain good Stoops and Company are amazing. But Mack has had their number. The top two spots are probably interchangeable it just depends on how you think the strengths and weaknesses match up. Hopefully this year it will be settled on the field and we avoid the debacle we had last year.

3. Oklahoma State- I see Robinson and Bryant replacing Harrell and Crabtree I think they could be that potent. With an improved defense they could beat OU or Texas. They will be fun to watch no doubt. But remember, he’s a man!!!

4. Texas Tech - Call me crazy but the mad scientist always has an offense that can score and score and score some more. Besides OU,Texas, and OSU the defenses in the South are poor at best. And with the North’s defenses playing like they did last year during conference play I have them forth. Plus, they always seem to win one they shouldn’t, OU and Texas BEWARE!!!!

5. Kansas- They get the nod over Nebraska and Missouri, in the PRE-SEASON, because of their returning skill position players they don’t have to establish leadership it is there, which is very important I think. Plus they get the Huskers at home. The Border War could get them instead of Mizzou this year. It should be a good race to watch.

6. Nebraska- Besides the D-line and a couple or running backs they don’t have much coming back. A new QB, revamped O-line, and a questionable linebacker and defensive back corps keeps me from picking them over Kansas. But, I think they are better coached than anyone else in the North and that is why I have them ahead of Mizzou. However, I expect to see improvement throughout the season again, how much improvement will determine how far they go.

7. Baylor - Robert Griffith, the guy is amazing Vince Young looking at times. This could be their breakout season with him running the show. Baylor in the South and Nebraska in the North are my two teams to watch flying under the radar in the conference. Baylor is a true WILDCARD!!!

8. Missouri- Pinkel and Co. didn’t get it done last year plain and simple. They didn’t handle the expectations very well at all in my opinion. The were supposed to contend for a national title and Heisman trophy, both flopped. Losing Daniels, Coffman, and probably the most electrifying player in college last year in Maclin will see the Tigers dipping down a little this year. But they have gotten some good recruiting classes these past few years so we’ll see. It is a three horse race in the North let the games begin!!!

9. Texas A&M - They didn’t learn a thing from the Callahan experiment did they! They lost their QB the the NFL this year so that’s not good. When I watched them last year they seemed lost until that look changes I have them towards the bottom of the conference.

10. Colorado - This could be the Hawkins Farewell Tour. New offensive strategy and a questionable defense, things don’t look very bright for the Buffs. But who knows? Boulder is a tough place to win, ask Oklahoma. I could see them easily missing a bowl again this year. If so bye bye Hawkins.

11. Kansas State - With Snyder back the Wildcat faithful are excited again. If he puts together another killer staff like he did in the 90’s they will be back, but not this year, sorry K-state.

12. Iowa State- enough said

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