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Cornflakes loves Husker sand volleyball


  • Husker volleyballer Tara Mueller looks darned good playing beach volleyball, but don't get your hopes up thinking that the NCAA's new sport of "sand volleyball' will look anything like this. It just ain't happening.
  • Nice to have Clarence Thomas recruiting for Nebraska, even if he's 1 for 2 with recruits. There is a nice video at the link as well.
  • Top 10 Underrated Coaches It's the time of the year for list making, and Heisman Pundit offers up this one. At the top is Art Briles from Baylor, but at #2 is Turner Gill for obvious reasons. On the Honorable Mention list is Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy. Uh... ran out of names, HP?
  • Phil Steele has picked Nebraska to win the Big 12 North, but the interesting part is how he's picked KSU and CU to finish above KU. KU fan is none too happy about this.
  • The has Ndamukong Suh rated as the 12th best player in college football next year. This ranking has nothing to do with the NFL, only his college value. I'm starting to wonder if Suh can live up to all the hype, but just think if he does...
  • Brandon Vogel at Big Red Network believes that the Huskers will pick up more televised games in only one way - by winning.
  • Football 101 was this week. Around 1,000 fans attended Tuesday’s annual Bo Pelini Foundation event, a fundraiser to help in the fight against breast cancer. More than $50,000 was raised to benefit the Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center Foundation and the UNMC Eppley Cancer Center. This year the event was sold out before Tues.