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Huskers to Wear Throwback Uniforms against Louisiana Lafayette

In honor of the 300th sellout at Memorial Stadium, Nebraska will don replica uniforms designed to match the 1962 uniforms from Bob Devaney's first season and the first sellout against Missouri. Fortunately, the stadium will not be a throwback era; a capacity crowd of approximately 85,000 will be there for the Louisiana-Lafayette game, not the 31,180 capacity from 1962.

In addition, game tickets and programs will be replicas of the 1962 versions as well. Unfortunately, the prices on those tickets and programs will NOT be replicas. After the game, the uniforms will be auctioned off with a minimum bid of $500 each for helmet, jersey, and pants.

First look at the jersey makes me want that jersey fulltime, but the helmet I can do without. Aesthetically, the block N is bland, but it's been an NU tradition for so long, I see no reason to alter it. Even for a throwback game. The numerals on the jerseys are so cool and distinctive, I'd like to see them full-time.

The game has also been designated as homecoming, which sounds surprising at first, but after the Oklahoma State pasting in 2007 and the scare against Baylor last season, perhaps it's best to move the homecoming game up in the schedule.