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Corn Flakes Finds More Reasons Nebraska Wins the Big 12 North

Someone Stole Shawn Watson's Email Account? 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police are investigating an e-mail that was sent to a Kansas high school football coach, purportedly from Watson, asking for insight and information on particular players......  were they from Nigeria, promising gobloads of money should only the coach send some first? 

Texting will be added as a method of summoning the police
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police will offer a service allowing fans to summon them to the stadium via text message....   by the time I entered anything meaningful the game will be long over, people at the bars or sleeping. I wonder if they have to employ an interpreter for this? 

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Four Years of Blasphemy
Husker Mike's blog celebrates it's four year anniversary! Hey, Mike, did you go for quality over quantity or the other way around?

Being a Fan Means Not Having Control of Certain Cranial Functions - Bring On The Cats

The offseason breeds hope - to all teams, all fans, and that idea is especially represented here by TB at Kansas State site BOTC. There's no sarcasm here.... just pointing out that optimism is the most beautiful asset of the off-season. 

10 things David Haugh knows about the Bears --

"I know cornerback Zack Bowman quietly has made one of the biggest impressions during off-season workouts and could be a sleeper that comes on strong during training camp. In the first 10 OTA practices, Bowman made seven interceptions, according to the team's Web site."

Good news about Zack Bowman with the Bears. 

Athlon Sports previews the Big 12 Quarterbacks

12. Zac Lee, Nebraska (JR) — Bye Week — 5 With a strong offensive line and running game, don’t expect the Huskers to ask too much from their quarterback this year. Lee has played in only two games, attempted two passes and rushed for 17 yards. Although the Huskers like Lee’s potential, especially with his ability to beat teams on the ground and through the air, he is still an unknown commodity. All signs point to Lee taking the first snap of the season, but freshman Cody Green or converted linebacker Latravis Washington could get a look if the offense sputters.

Lindys Sports says Nebraska's defense could get them far

The Cornhuskers have to replace five defensive starters, but they just might have enough depth on that side of the ball to pull it off and Bo Pelini knows defense about as well as any head coach in the country. Nebraska’s biggest problem will be scoring, but its defense just might shoulder the load until the offense gets going.     So let’s look ahead to the Big 12 Championship Game. How about—just for sake of argument—a Nebraska vs. Oklahoma showdown? It would conjure up memories of some of those great Nebraska-Oklahoma games of the 1960s and ’70s. It could happen. 

Could happen? I'd say it's pretty darned likely. And great games fo the '60s and 70's.... what about the '80s? What was this guy doing then? In a coma? Sleeping? | "History says Huskers should be favorites to win Big 12 North" by The Newell Post 
Even a dude at KU Sports thinks the Huskers will win the Big 12 North because defensive teams are more likely to win conference championships. Is that reverse psychology... or does he really mean it? 

Bill Snyder Admits Nebraska Will Kick Butt - Sports Radio 810 WHB

Bill Snyder says in an interview that Nebraska is the clear-cut favorite and win the North.... okay... he doesn't really say that. But he does say this: 

The tempting piece for coaches is to load up a roster full of offensive skill positions players, especially receivers and quarterbacks.  Of course, the problem with that is the 85-scholarship limit because the more offense you add, the less room for defense. Faced with building his first team since the spring and summer of 2005, Snyder said defensive depth is one of the main concerns in trying to prepare a team for what it will encounter.

So the question is - which do you want more of - defense or offense? You can't have everything, as he points out, because of the 85-scholarship limit, which, by the way Nebraska does a better job of getting around than anyone because of the way we run our walk-on program. 

Nebraska's defense improved by a large margin last year. Some might say that's because we were so bad in 2007 that there wasn't anywhere to go but up, but you could also argue it's because we truly got better. With a year under Pelini, what do you think the defense can do this season? Improve? You betcha.