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Cornflakes wants to know, who do you want to play?


  • ESPN's Tim Griffin has Fantasy matchups for each Big 12 team. For NU he has-

    I'm a sentimentalist at heart. And who couldn't resist the story lines of seeing Bo Pelini return home and play his alma mater, Ohio State, back at the Horseshoe where he played his college career? And even better would be the return game at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, where the Buckeyes have never played before.

    That's a good one, but what would be your fantasy match-up? How about a Florida school coming up to NE (like in the middle of Nov)? What about Nebraska invading the Big House in Michigan?

  • Michigan_medium

    How much red could we fit in there?

    • Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman and NU Athletic Director Tom Osborne have mutually agreed to extend Osborne's appointment as athletic director indefinitely. Can't say I'm shocked at all. I think Tom had this in mind as soon as he didn't get to be governor. Still as long as he's doing a good job as AD there is no reason to have him move on. Now lets see him get an arena for downtown Lincoln.
    • ESPN's "Outside the Lines" has a story on former Husker wrestler Paul Donahoe and how his nude photos cost him a college career at Nebraska. It's your typical "athlete does something stupid, athlete gets booted, athlete portrays themselves as a victim and tries to back at university that booted them" story, complete with allusions to a conspiracy, a cover-up by the athletic department and an implication that Tom Osborne can't be all that good. 

      On the other hand, author Paula includes this quote from Donahoe, that's about as damning as it gets: 

      "I don't really get into trouble that much," Donahoe says. "I mean, I sold an iPod, I had a party at my house and I took naked photos. I mean, other than that, I tend to stay out of trouble."

      Other than the open container violation and the two misdemeanor assault charges and.... the other stuff listed in the article. The question isn't whether or not Donahue should have been gone. It's why wasn't he gone sooner?
    • SB Nation site Crimson and Cream Machine has been looking at the best NFL players from teams across the Big 12. William Lyman could be the greatest NFL player from Nebraska. Who Knew?
    • C&C also Ndamukong Suh coming in at #12 amongst the conference players to watch this coming season. I wonder where he has Gerald McCoy??? hmmm????? 

    • Another preseason breakdown of Nebraska and the B12 North
      "I probably went back and forth on who would win the North 10 times, but my gut feeling told me it wouldn't be Nebraska. Much has been made about Nebraska's schedule, which is surely more favorable than that of Kansas."
    • Yawn, another week and another list where someone is talking about Suh.
      You may not be able to pronounce his name now, but if you watch Nebraska football next year, that will change. A rare athlete with plenty of size, power and speed, Suh (6-4, 305) will anchor the Cornhuskers' defensive front this season. He was named a Big 12 First-Team member in 2008, finishing his junior campaign with a whopping 76 tackles (first defensive lineman to lead the team in tackles since 1973), including 19 TFLs and 7.5 sacks.
    • How about this for recruiting? NU picks up a 2011 line recruit. Word is this kids was dominating other players at camp and was offered on the spot. 
    • Joe Ganz Gets A Tryout With the Buffalo Bills
      Former Husker quarterback Joe Ganz will get a tryout next week with the Buffalo Bills. He's still a long shot to make a roster, but, hey, he's getting a shot! 

    • Turnovers: Has Nebraska been playing from behind the eight ball all this time? Good article by Brandon Vogel at Big Red Network about how Nebraska has been lacking in turnovers.... for a LONG time.

    • And we'll end this edition of Cornflakes with our continuing saga "How screwed up is KSU?" Watch as in this episode KSU puts 2 athletics officials on administrative leave. Tune in next week as the train wreck continues.