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Underworked, Overpaid

I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, things happen to be the other way around right now. Don't know what the new economy has brought you, but it's increased my workload by a fair amount, mostly because it's killed my spare time. I've been traveling a lot since the first of the year, and I'm on the road again now. Normally this wouldn't be so bad, but for some reason, the way of hotel internet has gone the way of the economy - flakey and de-stabilized. I don't get it - even the hotels I've used in the past where the service was great aren't working very well. This story should have been published last night, but I couldn't get it to go. Frustrating. 

The other reason I'm overworked right now is because I'm in the final week (or two, ha!) of putting together next year's Nebraska football yearbook. If you bought our Husker yearbook A Sea of Red last year - we are changing quite a few things this season, and I think you'll like the changes. Unfortunately, the changes resulted in a late start, which means the schedule is condensed, and any extra time I have outside my real job is spent putting together the yearbook, not spent here doing a better job of writing stuff you might actually enjoy.

On top of that, Husker Mike has an increased workload as well, so he's not been as available as he's been in the past. That's understandable. (Hey, Mike, was he named after our future starting quarterback?) 

Bottom line is this - I've got about another ten days until the yearbook is done. The vast majority of my spare time will be spent making sure that it's something you want to buy. Mike has months without sleep. It might be sparse around here for the next few weeks.

On the bright side, one of my goals during the offseason is to find more contributors. I'm not necessarily looking for people who want to write War and Peace, but I feel that we can make the place more inhabitable if we can break things up, and has always been a goal of mine, bring more voices, more disparate opinions into the mix. I'm not necessarily interested in anarchy, but I am interested in opinions that are not mine as long as they're well-reasoned, rational, and fun to discuss.

So, if you're interested in assisting, let me know. 

BTW, the photo of Sam Keller has nothing to do with this, I'd just thought I'd post it because it's one picture in which he isn't with some woman you'll never stand a chance with, doesn't show his great hair, and he might actually look like he's a Nebraska football player.