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Does My Real Name Matter To You?

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A few days ago, one of our SB Nation bloggers got called out in an article by Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. Kravtiz made fun of our blogger for using the name “Big Blue Shoe” as opposed to his real name on the Indianapolis Colts website "Stampede Blue", which he runs .

Later, Kravitz had Big Blue Shoe on his radio show (audio link). Kravitz kept trying to pound home the point that he (Kravitz) carried more credibility because of using his real name, while Big Blue Shoe carried little to none because he "hid" behind a silly pseudonym (although it's interesting to point out that Kravitz steered clear of the quality of content being provided by both).

My real name is Jon Johnston. It’s not that hard to find out who I am, as I’ve posted information in my bio (the picture HAS to change), which is available here on SB Nation. You can find me on twitter -@Cornnation, on Facebook - "Corn Nation", contact me via email -, but here on Corn Nation I go by ‘corn blight’. I admit, it's a silly screen name, but when SB Nation asked me to join and start a Nebraska site nearly four years ago, I never imagined that it'd grown into what it's become now.

We've recently partnered with CBS College Sports, which means you'll see CN content show up on the CBS site from time to time, moreso as college football season approaches. We'll have access to AP photos from now on, including during next year's Nebraska games, so there's a lot to look forward to.

Now, granted, I haven’t done worth a darn here at CN lately because I’ve been heavily concentrating on this year’s Nebraska football yearbook, as I really want it to be the best Cornhusker football preview yearbook you can buy. Becoming a published author was one of the goals I had when I started this site, and I'm grateful to Maple Street Press for giving me that opportunity. (I should be done this week and back to posting better stuff here at CN next week. There's a bunch of stuff that just can't fit in the yearbook.)

Googling for me under my real name, well, you’ll find some other people that aren’t me, but near the top of the list you’ll find an article I did near the end of a rather long career as a published author in the computer industry. You'll find next to nothing having to do with sports writing.

If I changed my screen name on this site to use my real name,  would it make much of a difference to you? I'm asking because SB Nation is seeking to establish more credibility, as am I. But does it really matter? Or, as Big Blue Shoe points out, is it all about the content?