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HuskerVision Is Going Hi-Def

Stadium Drive on the west side of Memorial Stadium is closed off this week, as a crane is in place to install a new video screen on the northwest tower.  After that's installed, they'll move to the east side to install another new screen on the northeast tower.  All this is part of the upgrade of HuskerVision to High Definition.

This summer, ribbon boards will be installed on the east and west balconies as auxiliary scoreboards, showing in-game statistics and out of town scores, as well as being used for animation and enhancement during key situations.

Video quality will be improved, as HuskerVision's Kirk Hartman estimates the video quality will be three to four times better than it was.  That means that the creative folks will be busy this summer, recreating every logo and every animation to HD quality to take advantage of the capabilities of the new screens.

“The possibilities are endless,” HuskerVision's Shot Kleen said. “What we can do is really only limited by our creativity.”

And yes, they are adding goodies for the TunnelWalk, though as you might expect, those plans are being held close the vest.  Just one more thing to look forward to this summer as we anticipate the 2009 season.