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Greg Paulus Chooses Syracuse Over Nebraska - Shocked Husker Fans Ask "Who?"

In a decision so stunning that I'm two and half hours late in posting about it, now-former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus has chosen to go to Syracuse and see if he can try playing quarterback

Nothing against Paulus, but I'm not sure why I should care. I'm not sure Syracuse fans are sure why they should care either except that a well-known guy chose them over us. Maybe when you're Syracuse that's enough to be happy. Other than that, clearly this is an off-season story, although if Paulus has a phenomenal single season, the year after next when no one's paying attention anymore, he'll have the last laugh against someone else because other than Greg Paulus choosing Syracuse, there's nothing much that connects the two schools.

Paulus said some nice things about Nebraska:

“I had a great visit there,” Paulus said. “Nebraska is a place where there is so much tradition. There are great people there. I had a great visit with coach (Bo) Pelini and spent a lot of time with their guys and coach (Shawn) Watson, their offensive coordinator.

“(But) my heart and my gut told me that Syracuse, I felt, was the best place for me.”

The guy had a nice college basketball career at Duke, but he's never thrown a football in college, at least not while wearing pads and being chased by opponents who want to physically grind him to dust. He's clearly going to have to learn to take hits better than he did on a basketball court (HT: Nunes).


Nothing against Paulus, in fact, I wish him all the luck in the world, be the best you can be, Greg, I hope you can help make Syracuse a better place for the short length of time you're going to be there.