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Corn Flakes Feels Faster... And Stronger!

There are still Spring Game Tickets left. What, you don't want to sit all the way up in the end zones? I will be there, rain, shine, snow. Okay, maybe not tornado, but you get the idea.

The Chris Brooks picture has nothing to do with news. It has more to do with a prayer for next season. The defense will be much better, but if this offense doesn't find a reliable receiver, we're going to be hurting. I know it's time for gooey, feel-good stuff, but as I write the next version of "A Sea Of Red" - I'm looking ahead.

And looking ahead, what I see is a Husker offense that really needs Chris Brooks to be good.

The guys at the Ralphie Report did not like my recommendation to attach a shock collar to Cody Hawkins to go along with his helmet cam. Not at all.

But now that I'm thinking about it, you think that Cody wears a helmet all the time? And I'm not talkin' about that Ricky Williams wearin' a helmet issue, I'm talking about, wearing a helmet all the time kind of thing.

You all saw the bit about Texas claiming they won the 2008 Big 12 title, right? You didn't? Exposing What the hell you been doing? Mack Brown - good coach, but he really needs to get over his Bob Stoops inferior complex. Hmmmmmmmmm......

Joba's DUI video online. I have to tell you, when he walks the line, he did a helluva lot better than I did at 19. Still, pretty funny. 

Nebraska baseball loses to the rich kids from Omaha 15-0. Wow. I left my hotel room last night, seeking the comfort of Bombay more than I wanted to watch the game online. This team is really hurting.

Is Mike Anderson the right coach? Yes.

Dave at our Michigan blog Maize N Brew does a bit on the closing of the Ann Arbor News and the difference between bloggers and the media (the line is getting blurred, btw). I'd encourage you to read it. Nebraska hasn't seen the fall out that the rest of the nation is seeing..... yet..... but.... if you thought you're only a Husker fan if you live inside the state, you're wrong. There's so many of us out here it's unbelievable.

Anyway, the world is changing, as is the media. Pay attention to the changes. They do matter.


Everyone feels faster in the spring, don't they? I feel faster. Pierre Allen feels faster. Roy Helu feels faster.

Speaking of hurting - CN is looking for someone to do the Corn Flakes edition. I would like a run down of the news in the same way that BON does their news edition.

Is it just me, or has hotel internet access gone down the hill with the economy?