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Huskers Going Into the NFL Draft And Free Agent Signings


In seven rounds, only three Huskers were taken in this weekend's NFL draft. 

- Cody Glenn being the first Husker drafted was a big surprise. He went in the fifth round to the Washington Redskins. It’s a big surprise because Glenn only played linebacker for one season that was cut short due to his being suspended for ticket scalping. 

One partial year, and he’s the highest Husker drafted. Maybe that says something about his desire. Maybe it says something about linebackers coach Mike Ekeler. Or maybe.… it’s because he’s the Husker I chose to put on the cover picture for “A Sea of Red” last season. Yeah, that’s it. 

- Matt Slauson gets reunited with his old buddy New York Jets offensive line coach Bill Callahan after going in the sixth round. I don’t know if Slauson can ever get to be a high-paid NFL lineman, but the Jets need linemen pretty badly. I’m all for him, loved the face paint. 

It’s easy for us as Husker fans to bash on Billy C, but maybe if Bill can focus on line coaching without all those other distractions like running a full offense, then there’s hope for Slauson. I certainly hope so. 

- Lydon Murtha dropped all the way to the seventh round, going to the Detroit Lions. Not that surprising Murtha dropped as far as he did. He missed four games in 2007 and again in 2008 with injuries. In 2008, there was an indication that the injuries weren’t serious, leading one to speculate that Murtha is going to have to get a lot tougher to stay on a NFL roster. This didn't escape the NFL guys. 

Although with the Lions, how good do you have to be, really? 

Several Husker players were signed as undrafted free agents: 

- Joe Ganz, Tamba Bay

- Marlon Lucky, Cinncinati Bengals

- Zach Potter, New York Jets 

- Todd Peterson, Jacksonville Jaguars

- Nate Swift, Denver Broncos


- Our buddy Chase Daniel signed with the Washington Redskins