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NFL Draft: No Huskers Drafted So Far - Clearly NFL Doesn't Understand "Value"

There were no Huskers taken on the first day of the 2009 NFL Draft. Clearly the NFL doesn't understand the work ethic and value of what it means to draft a Nebraska player.

The NFL does understand what it means to make no sense of anything.

Around the Big 12:

- Baylor had a lineman, Jason Smith, drafted at the #2 spot overall. You're wondering the same thing I am - what the hell was this guy doing at Baylor?

- Michael Crabtree went 10th overall to the 49ers. Al Davis proved once again that he's still living in the '70s and picked some guy no one's ever heard of ahead of Crabtree.

Who doesn't love Al Davis? He's still the same act, same show, year after year. He's dependable. Hell, he tells old men to get off his lawn.

- Texas' Brian Orakpo went to the Washington Redskins. I liked watching Orakpo play in college, at least as much as a Nebraska guy can enjoy watching a Texas guy (I know, I'll say three "Hail Mary's" for that one), and it's always a little sad when these guys come out of college and get sentenced to hell.

- Josh Freeman went at 17th to the Buccaneers. Nice pick, Tampa Bay. Josh can throw a ball real far. He's big. Suddenly he's worth millions. What's that you said about society and misplaced priorities? You may be right.

- Jeremy Maclin went after Freeman at 19th, to the Eagles. AFTER Freeman. And you thought utter stupidity was limited to Al Davis? Shame on you.

- Brandon Pettigrew from Oklahoma State went to the Detroit Lions with the 20th pick. Brandon, I don't know you or your family, but my prayers are with you and yours.

- Evander Hood from Missouri went to the PIttsburgh Steelers. I don't have a joke here.

- Darcel McBath, Texas Tech, went to the Denver Broncos. I have nothing against Tech, nor Darren. At least I didn't before yesterday, but I can't stand the Denver Broncos. Maybe it's just Colorado in general. Yeah, that's it. Good luck, Darcel, I hope you suck.

- Phil Loadholt from Oklahom went to the Minnesota Vikings at #54. Blocking for his old teammate, Adrian Peterson. Good for Phil. Good for the Vikings. Now learn what it means to be a perennial disappointment.

Oh. Yeah, that's right, you probably already know what that is.

- William Moore went to the Atlanta Falcons at #55. Missouri had a good player in the defensive secondary? How could they tell that?