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Corn Flakes Wants You To Learn More About Linebackers

  BON's Ghost of Big Roy has an excellent piece on the "Anatomy of a spread linebacker" that I recommend you read. The linebacker position has changed dramatically, particularly in the Big 12, where everyone is running a spread of some form or another. Linebackers have to cover and run - just like a safety. Like I said, I recommend you read it.

ESPN's Big 12 dude Tim Griffin interviewed Colorado running back Darrell Scott. It's a nice interview. Scott says all the right stuff, including this:

With the return of Rodney Stewart from his broken leg, your return to health and several offensive linemen getting healthy, how good can your running game be this season?

DS: Oh man, we're going to show some people. I would personally think that other than Oklahoma, we have the most talented group of running backs in the Big 12. You'll see that as the season plays out this year. We're going to convince you, too.

I think Roy Helu and Quentin Castille might have something to say about that. Before you poo-poo it completely, Colorado's tandem of Scott and Stewart isn't too bad. Colorado isn't being given a lot of credit in next year's Big 12 North race. I wouldn't count them out. 

Kansas wide reciever Dezmon Briscoe has been reinstated. Shocking, ain't it? Star player in trouble, star player needed to compete next season, star player suspended for spring where his most likely position would be injury.

Just in case you missed it, Matt aka Dr Saturday brings you two Texas Tech Red Raiders peeing on a wall. Remember the old "change a light bulb" joke about Tech that finishes with "none, there's no electricity in Lubbock"? Apparently there's not much running water either.

The BCS may consider part of the Mountain West Conference's playoff proposal. What part? The part about using a selection committee, of course! What do bureaucrats do but create more bureaucracy?

I'd be all for it if the selection committee includes the channeled spirits of Bob Devaney and Paul "Bear" Bryant. Otherwise.... why would we have polls?

Speaking of bureaucracy, TB over at the KSU site Bring on the Cats has a rant about Texans and how they hate to lose. At anything. It's in the spirit of the off-season, unabashedly not about football, but it's pretty darned funny. So, enjoy!