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Gobbler Country - Virginia Tech - Comes to SB Nation

I'm pleased to announce an opponent's new blog as Gobbler Country comes to SB Nation to represent Virginia Tech. The Gobbler Country main dude who goes by 'furrier4heisman' did a Q&A session with us last season before we met the Hokies in Lincoln.

We were originally contacted by them for information on what to do on their first trip to Lincoln, so they'll owe us when September rolls around and it's time to return the favor. While that doesn't sound so serious, consider this - if you really want to know what's happening with an opponent there is no better place to turn than one of their blogs. Instead of getting the much-too-gooey stuff that's being handed out by the regular media you can get the straight poop directly from their fan base. There's a lot of value in that.


Hokie Country - From What I Understand, Sobriety is Optional.

During last weekend's spring game it occurred to me that Blacksburg was one place I'd really like to go to see college football. While the chances of that happening are pretty slim, it's nice to know that I've got a place to rely on for good information on what to do once I get there. Maybe they'll spring for bail.

If nothing else, at least we have a worthy opponent to abuse.