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2009 Nebraska Spring Game - For What Will We Cheer?

I did a similar poll last year right before the spring game. It's worth taking a look back to see where we were.

I know I don't have to remind you, but I'm going to anyway. It was the beginning of the Bo Pelini era. We just came off the worst defensive performance in Husker history, and everyone wondered what the football team would look like on the field, even though it was nothing more than a glorified scrimmage.

Turned out to be a pretty good year, topped off by coming back from a halftime deficit to beat Clemson in the Gator Bowl.

Now here we are, trying to find a new quarterback and with unproven receivers. Husker fans know that we'll have to be successful in running the ball, and that our defense must improve if we expect to win the Big 12 North.

Again I ask - for what will we cheer the loudest?