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Corn Flakes Wonders Why God Hates Husker Women

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The University of Texas might be forced to eliminate football. Seriously. They're caught in the conundrum of state law. Oh, what to do!!!!

David Oku signed with Tennessee. You can stop staying up late now worrying about him.

The Mountain West proposes the same playoff proposal that's been made about 10,000 times. This time they're accompanying it with "the urgent state of the economy requires that we do this" which seems to be how everyone else is getting their way, so why not?

Double A Zone has a story about how Toledo is requiring a $100 donation from Ohio State fans if they want to buy a ticket to the Ohio State - Toledo game in Toledo. Innovative way to make money says Double A Zone!

My response? It's just crappy football made more expensive.Look for it to happen to a powerhouse near you. Oh, yay.

Softball pitcher Robin Mackin will have surgery and miss the rest of the season. Mackin was supposed to lead to a resurgence of Husker softball (not a bad sport I might add).

This in and of itself, is not a huge story. Unfortunately, there's more to it than that. Consider this:

- Near the end of the volleyball season, middle blocker Kori Cooper tears her ACL and misses the NCAA volleyball tournament. The Huskers come within inches of knocking off top-ranked Penn State. With Cooper, they probably win that series and challenge for a national title.

- Two-time first-team Big 12 women's basketball star Kelsey Griffin missed the entire season because of surgery for an ankle injury. This after the women had back-to-back NCAA appearances.

- If that weren't enough, Nikki Bober suffered a season-ending knee injury at the end of December. Apparently even that wasn't enough to kill the basketball team's spirit, so Layne Reeves suffered a knee injury and had surgery as well. Despite all this, the women's basketball team is ninth in the Big 12.

What is this? What has happened that God so hates Husker women? Is this some kind of "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" test? Arrrghhhh!