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Nebraska Cornhusker & Big 12 Resources on Twitter (Updated)

I've decided to update this document, given that Nebraska's head football and basketball coaches are now on twitter, along with tons more Husker fans. In the next couple days we'll have some more news about Corn Nation and twitter that you might find interesting.

I’ve been using twitter on a regular basis now for a few months, and just went over 1700 followers within the past few days. I’ll admit, I’m surprised at twitter’s popularity. Part of me thinks it’s the silliest damned thing every invented.

The other part thinks it’s a pretty darned useful communication tool. I’m not going to try to explain what it is other than saying that it’s public chat without awareness. The whole concept revolves around the idea of sending short messages into the ether. You follow people, and if they find you interesting, they follow you. It’s the interaction along with the equality that makes it interesting.

Like everything else on the internet there is a big mixture of good, bad and useless information. The good thing is you can find a subject expert in very little time, follow them and send them a message and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a reply. If not, you can dump them and find another one.

Whether you’re new to twitter, or an experienced veteran, I have compiled a list of Nebraska Cornhuskers and Big 12 references you might find useful. 

Nebraska Coaches, Staff, Teams, Clubs: 

@bopelini  - Bo Pelini, Head Football Coach
@coach_sadler - Doc Sadler, Head Basketball Coach
@chris_croft_nu - Director of Basketball Operations
@jim_shaw_nu - Video Coordinator for Husker Basketball
@coach_roese - Assistant Coach, Basketball
@coach_anwar - Assistant Coach, Basketball
@coach_mathews - Assistant Coach, Basketball
@nuhoopsblog - - about basketball
@huskervball - The Husker Volleyball Team
@unlfastbreakers - Women's Basketball Booster Club

Nebraska News Sources:

@bchristo - Brian Christopherson of Husker Extra
@BigRedNetwork - they’ve been on twitter long than I have, representing the Husker site "Big Red Network" - very good for their articles and news items.
@BretNellor - husker basketball fan with a web site about husker basketball
@Cornnation - That’s us (me?)
@dmn_colleges - The latest news and information on The Big 12 and area schools from The Dallas Morning News and
@dnsports - The Daily Nebraskan Sports Feed
@drimington - Dave Rimington - if I have to explain this one - why are you here?
@huskerextra - mostly headlines from the guys at Husker Extra
@huskerheadlines - Huskers Illustrated 
@huskerhellion - Husker football updates, links, rumors...
@huskerlocker - news feeds from
@Husker_Mike - CN’s co-manager Husker Mike
@huskerzone - - By Husker fans for Husker fans!
@IndySports - Covering Sports for the Grand Island Independent
@iowans4nebraska - The Iowans for Nebraska Alumni Chapter
@krvn - The big radio station at 880 am - sends out links to news stories on their web site
@nebraskabuzztap - An automated feed of Husker-related stories.
@RedCladLoon - Steve Smith, author of the best Nebraskan fan book to date,"Forever Red"
@Sean_Callahan - covers Nebraska football for, WOWT TV and KFAB Radio
@shamus_mcknight - Media Relations dude from

@theindependent - The Grand Island Independent. Central Nebraska's news source
@unlbands - Your twitter source of information about the Pride of Nebraska - UNL's Bands!
@unlnews - UNL News manager

Others of Note:

@andyroddick - self-explanatory.
@aTrubow - Texas football/baseball reporter 4 Austin American-Statesman
@big12network - ESPN’s Big 12 Network,
@thecbb - The college baseball blog - everything college baseball!

@espn - ESPN News
@ESPN_Big12 - Tim Griffin’s feed for Nebraska news from his blog at ESPN
@kbohsl - Austin American-Statesman sports columnist Kirk Bohls.
@PeteCarroll - yeah, that’s him.
@suzhalliburton  - Covers Texas football, Lance Armstrong for the Austin American Statesman. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’ve purposefully left off individuals who are Husker fans. I’ve also left off some of the automated accounts that don’t do anything but provide news links as there’s a fair amount of redundancy. 

If you’re interested in being included on the list, please either reply with your twitter address in the comments section or send me an email (cornnation-AT-gmail-DOT-com). Better yet, follow me @cornnation and I’ll follow you back and then let me know.

If you’re interested in being taken off it, well, let me know too!