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New Features at Corn Nation

Our great tech team here at SB Nation has put some new features in place as of this morning.

Foremost - CN (and all other SB Nation sites) has established a relationship with AP/Getty Images so that we’ll be able to integrate photos directly into the web site.

You can see an example of that in action in Husker Mike’s article about Bo Pelini’s recent contract increase. Or that photo of Bo Pelini talking with Cody Green. 

Next, CN now includes a “team page” that serves as gathering point for team information for content distributed throughout the family of SB Nation blogs. This replaces the rather worthless “News” selection that lived until yesterday.

The team page is available by clicking on the “Cornhuskers” link in the main navigation bar above (where it says “Home, Fanposts, Fanshots, etc.), you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see articles from the Colorado Buffaloes site ”Ralphie Report”, several articles from here at Corn Nation, and a NFL draft article by the Denver Broncos site “Mile High Report” about former guard Matt Slauson.

There is a selection box available where you can select any team and any player. Selecting either will automatically bring up a list of stories about that team or player. Player stats will be shown as well. Pretty slick, eh?

During football season, the page will have a plethora of up to date information, including injury reports, news, stories, (and new stories!), and conference standings.

What you don't see is beyond the screen. In talking to authors/writers/editors about their platforms, I can safely tell you that SB Nation has developed a platform that's better for online publishing than most newspapers around the nation (if not most sports sites).

Feedback on the new changes is certainly encouraged.