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Desperate For Funding, University of Texas Resorts to Selling Grass

In a desperate bid to make money the University of Texas will resort to selling grass at their annual spring game. For $20, fans can purchase a 12-inch by 12-inch square of grass from the University of Texas.

Matt M - Expert Horticulturist

Celebrity, expert horticulturist and Longhorn fan Matthew McConaughey will be on-hand conducting a seminar on how those who purchase grass can properly care for it, allowing it to grow and reach maturity so that they may harvest the seeds to can grow even more Texas Longhorn grass to share with their fellow Longhorn friends.

Texas has one of the biggest budgets in Division IA athletics, but the fear is that without finding some additional funding they may be forced to cut the "Longhorn Dawgie Day Care" services that are provided for Texas fans as they watch their Longhorns play football.

Don't Abandon The Dawgies, Dudes

"Pooches could be poached if they're left in vehicles while people watch the game", said Lucy Linder of Austin's Camp Bow Wow. "Longhorn fans need to lighten up and  buy some grass, especially early in the season. It'll make those blow-outs much more enjoyable."