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Ben Cotton Cited for Being in Wrong Place At Wrong Time

Ben Cotton got cited Friday night (or early Saturday, depending upon your perspective) for minor in possession, or consumption, or something like that, and disturbing the peace because he got into an argument. Now the whole world knows about it. Damn the luck.

The first thing I thought when I saw this story was..... was I ever in Smith Hall at 2:30 am? I lived in Schramm for a couple of years, so there's a good possibility.... but the answer is no. Fact is, there weren't any women in Smith that would have allowed me in their room at 2:30 am, let alone at seven.

Cotton had an alcohol content of .085. This is another difference between me and Ben. I wouldn't have had that low an alcohol content, especially the years in which I lived in Schramm. Had I been arrested, detained, or whatever, for being .005 over, I would have had to hear about having a problem with my moderation for months.

The bad thing for Mr. Cotton (Ben, not Barney) is that it's the offseason and people are looking for news like astronomers looking for stars and killer asteroids, so his name gets plastered everywhere.

Pelini says the whole thing will be handled internally. That's the worst part. Ben Cotton will have to pay a fine, but I would be that's nothing compared to what his father, offensive line coach Barney Cotton will be doing to him for the next few months and into fall practice. I never had that problem.

Before the weekend, Ben Cotton in line to get some time at tight end. After the weekend, he'll be transformed into a saint. No more moderated underage drinking and staying in young women's dorm rooms late for you, Mr Cotton!

All this because of one more swig of beer. Ouch. That hurts.