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Big XII Tournament Day One Open Thread: Nebraska vs. Baylor

Big XII Tournament, Opening Round

Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Nebraska vs. Baylor, and other games

11:30 AM

TV: Big 12 Network (all games); Radio: Husker Sports Network (NU only)

Today is the day when some Big XII teams will fight to maintain what good karma they've accumulated and others will try for their last push for the Big Dance, the Little Dance, or even one of the side events. For some teams, this will be the last day of the season. Others will get to play on at least one more day. It's Conference Tournament time, and only 4 shopping days remain before Selection Sunday.

Nebraska plays Baylor to tip it off at 11:30, followed by Texas-Colorado at 2. The second session features OSU-ISU at 6, followed by A&M-Texas Tech at 8:30. This thread will be open for all 4 games, though we care more about the first one (for obvious reasons).

News: In a side note, the Hendricks family, native to Lincoln, has pledged $10M to a new basketball practice facility (which would pay for more than half the project). This is not only a huge donation, but it's also huge for a basketball-specific project.