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Corn Flakes Is Selling The Program

  Steve Sipple asks the question "How Does NU Sell Itself?".

An interesting article by Sipp, pointing out that there are four main guys that recruits meet when they come to Nebraska:

- James Dobson, Head Football Strength Coach
- Brian Lehmann, Director of Sports Nutrition
- Dennis Leblanc, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academics, Compliance and Planning
- Jay Terry, Equipment Manager

Building players through strength and nutrition remains a Nebraska tradition as does academics. As a fan and alum, I’m glad to see that we emphasize academics as part of the process, and that support our student-athletes through their educational process as well as anyone in the country.

And Dennis Leblanc - wow, what a title. Sounds to me like he deals mounds of paperwork and bullshit for a living. He’s been around since 1987, probably doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but if he’s the guy that makes the academics go, a great big whoop to him!

I’m not 100% sure about the equipment manager, though. Maybe that part was an embedded advertisement for adidas?

Nice article by Sam McKewon about going beyond the rankings . He mentions how few scholarships were given to Nebraska kids:

Contrary to some fears, he didn’t hand out scholarships to in-state kids just for the heck of it. Pelini signed just two – Lincoln Northeast’s Cole Pensick and Omaha Gross’ CJ Zimmerer – the smallest homegrown class just about anyone can remember.

If the walk-on program has been truly resurrected in the spirit of Osborne, Pelini doesn’t need to give out scholarships to the Nebraska kids. They saw what happened on the field in 2008. They saw a fair number of walk-ons become starters, and even those that weren’t get some playing time. Talk about a huge asset in selling the program.

  Darren at BRN gives his initial reaction to the 2009 recruiting class.

  Because it’s his job - the Heisman Pundit looks at this class and wonders who might be the best Heisman candidates. His choices?

Quarterbacks from USC, LSU, Texas, Michigan, and Florida.
Running backs from Miami/Oregon, Florida, and Michigan.

Here’s the thing about these kinds of predictions. If he’s wrong, no one will remember. If he’s right, he’ll be able to go back and say "Hey, I said that guy was a Heisman candidate when he showed up on campus!".

And he’ll be right.

Given that, I should be making more predictions.

  Bruce Feldman gives us 10 reasons as to why that Blue Chip recruit may be a bust, none of which involve not paying taxes.

My personal favorite is "It’s those dang women." I’ll leave to the commentary about that subject.

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