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Corn Flakes Wonders About The Validity of Recruiting


The Big 12 conference reprimanded Pat Knight for looking too much like his father during the Nebraska - Texas Tech game this past week.

Knight’s problem was running back onto the court after he’d already been ejected while carrying a folding chair. A subsequent search found that Knight had stuffed a railroad spike in his pants. When confronted, he did the "How’d that get there, that’s not mine!" routine.

Just kidding. The chairs at Tech are bolted to the floor.

Nebraska picks up another commit, a linebacker named Eric Martin from Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, CA.

Beergut provides some pretty good insight as to how to evaluate recruits while a guy with really nice teeth says recruiting comes down to ‘inches’. Meanwhile, Husker Mike really really dislikes recruiting. If you’re not like Mike, maybe you should check out ITB’s recruiting podcast, and their signing day live blog.

Brandon at Big Red Network has a well-reasoned piece about recruiting rankings. It reflects about where I stand on recruiting. I don't get all nuts about it, but recognize it's importance. You can neither put much stock in star ratings nor dismiss them altogether.

You might say I'm lukewarm... maybe a little bit cold of lukewarm. It's -2 this morning.

Nebraska is ranked #17 in yet another 2009 preseason poll.

Here’s something shocking for you. Congresspersons propose bills they full well will never make it to be laws. I’m talking about those "We Need A College Football Playoff" bills. Doc Saturday will keep you up to date.

Be sure not to hold your breath waiting. You’ll get hurt.