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Announcing "Big 12 Hardball" - Your Site for Big 12 Baseball


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve hinted that I would be doing something different this season with regards to baseball. That something different is a new site called "Big 12 Hardball", which is now alive and running (although very sparse).

I’ve been covering Nebraska baseball and the Big 12 here at CN for the past couple of seasons. As more people started paying attention I heard from some fans that they didn’t feel comfortable talking about their favorite Big 12 baseball team at a Nebraska-oriented site so this season I’ll be moving most of the baseball coverage over to B12HB.

Here’s the other thing. I know that there are a lot of college baseball fans out there - I run into them everywhere I go. My goal is to create a community where Big 12 baseball fans can gather and share thoughts on their favorite teams - a place where the college baseball won’t be drowned out by the emphasis placed on the big money sports - football and basketball.

So, if you’re a Big 12 college baseball fan, please join me at Big 12 Hardball! 2009 practices started across the nation on Super Bowl Sunday and the season isn’t too far away!