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The Patrick Witt Saga Continues....

Steve Sipple at Husker Extra has more today on the Patrick Witt saga, of which can be boiled down to the following two paragraphs:

According to a source close to the Nebraska program, Witt and his father sought assurance from Husker coaches that the coaches would name the starting quarterback at the end of spring practice. That way, if Witt wasn’t named starter, he presumably could arrange to transfer, or at least evaluate his situation.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini declined to address the matter Monday. But the source said Pelini  informed the Witts that it was highly unlikely (read: forget it, guys) that he would release Patrick from his scholarship if Patrick made such a request at the end of spring drills. Pelini apparently loathed the idea of Witt going through spring practice while considering a transfer. So, Pelini forced Witt’s hand before spring drills began.

Can we dispense with the idea that Witt was teaching incorrect hand signals to Cody Green now?

Let's look at this from Witt's perspective. The coach that originally recruited him to play at Nebraska, Bill Callahan, is gone. Witt gave a year to Pelini's staff to see how things would work out. It turns out that they didn't work out poorly, they just didn't work out as well as the Witts wanted them to.

You could take this as a sign that the coaches favor Zac Lee, or that Cody Green is the second coming of Turner Gill. Or you could take it at face value - The Witts wanting a guarantee while Bo Pelini wanted a wide-open quarterback race. 

The Witts can get their guarantee by having Patrick transfer to a place where there is little or no competition for a quarterback position. If he's after a pro career, it may work out to his advantage despite playing against inferior competition. With the spread offense making it difficult for the NFL to evaluate college quarterbacks, Witt might just find a pro-style offense and make a home for himself for a couple years, get plenty of playing time and see what happens.

If that's what he's looking for, more power to him. Let's hope the next place they go, the Witts stay put for a while. Professional people tend to look down on job-hoppers. There's real money at stake.