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With Husker Recruit David Oku, Truth is Stranger than Fiction

If Husker fans were rocked by the news that quarterback Patrick Witt was leaving the state, then they'll be pretty blown away by the news of who is coming to attend high school.

Rumors began swirling early this afternoon that none other than David Oku, a four star runningback, and the #1 rated all-purpose back in the 2009 recruiting class might have enrolled at Lincoln East High. 

The highly touted prospect had originally committed to Tennessee, but did not sign his letter of intent, and had admitted he was looking around. 

Then the rumors started flying, he'd been spotted in class at East.  There were phonecalls made to his old highschool, and they confirmed that he had indeed transferred.  Rumors cropped up that Oku had met a girl on his official visit here, and wants to be closer to her.  Eventually after almost everyone expressed serious doubt that these rumors were remotely true, it came from Oku himself.

He was indeed moving to Lincoln, and would attend East High School.

Initial reactions are that this would be good news for the Huskers football team, however, the staff might not be able to take him.  Rex Burkhead was pretty much told he was to be the man for this recruiting cycle, and going after someone so incredibly late in the game like this could seriously hurt the coach's relationship with Rex, and their credibility in the future.

What is certain, is that none of us have seen the end of this story.