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Big 12 Commish Warns About Hydration Now That Bill Snyder Back in Conference

It's worse if he touches you. 

The investigative journalism arm of Corn Nation has stretched forth and reaped a reward.

It has come to our attention that shortly after the re-hiring of Bill Snyder by Kansas State, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe sent a memo to Big 12 media members regarding Snyder’s re-hiring. 

The memo was short and to the point. It stated: 

"The Big 12 would like to remind media members that they need to be more conscious of hydration now that Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is back with the Wildcats. We don’t need a recurrence of the incident on August 20th, 1998." 

Beebe’s mention of an ‘incident’ is none other than the brief hospitalization of Lincoln Journal Star reporter Steve Sipple. Sipple was hospitalized on the night of August 20th, 1998, shortly after the Big 12 media day, and shortly after he spent over an hour and a half talking with Bill Snyder. Hospital records indicated that Sipple had been admitted because of appendicits, but in speaking with an intensive care nurse who was on staff that night we got a slightly different story. 

Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star. Recovered, but still funny looking. 

"He looked like a mummy" stated a nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity. "It took all night on IV’s before he stopped looking like a corpse. After we found out that he’d spent nearly two hours in close proximity to Bill, we realized the seriousness of the injury. That poor, poor man. He recovered, but he still looks a little funny to me." 

As a result of the dehydration incident, the Big 12 began monitoring the amount of time people spent around Snyder and made gatorade readily available at any event he attended. No word yet on whether the Big 12 plans to do the same again now that Snyder is back in the conference. 

Stay tuned.….