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Tyler Gabbert Decommits

Dave Matter of the Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Tyler Gabbert has broken his pledge to attend Nebraska, and will make a visit this weekend to Missouri.  That's two high-profile decommits this week; earlier, receiver Curtis Carter also dropped his plans to sign with Nebraska.

After results of Nebraska's offensive problems?  Carter indicated that he didn't think Nebraska's offense fit his style of play.  But truth be told, any player should realize that Nebraska's offense became what it is because of a lack of playmakers on the field...and that after watching Brandon Kinnie leap up the depth chart, should realize that if you can play, you'll play.

Gabbert's decommitment shouldn't be a surprise.  His brother did the exact same thing.  What it does suggest is that this staff needs to come up with some answers about what they want their offense to be, and start recruiting in that direction.  If players aren't a fit in that style, then we shouldn't be worried about decommitments.

I wonder if this opens up a scholarship for Millard South's Bronson Marsh, who looked intriguing in the Class A championship game, despite only being a "two star" recruit by Rivals.