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Corn Flakes: Told You- Suh For Heisman to start the season.

Man just 1 more Nebraska game this year. Then we "get" to watch the basketball team try and get something going again, followed by the return of Nebraska baseball, or Anderson's Last Stand. At least volleyball should be fun for a while.

Sorry, Nebraska: There's no shame in Texas' game

Can the Crimson Tide's defense be any better than the Cornhuskers? "It very well could," McCoy said. "I'm sure. But I really felt (the Cornhuskers) played out of their minds last night."

Texas still can't figure out that they played the best defense in the nation. - JJ

Sports Blog Heisman Trophy: Rock M Nation's ballot - Rock M Nation

The ingrates at Rock M voted for Toby Gerhart, now that their Wranglers finally dried out after two months ago.

If You're Looking for a Sympathetic Victim, You Could Do Better Than Nebraska - Bring On The Cats

TB's thoughts on Nebraska being a "victim" We don't want your sympathy. -JL

Nebraska's offense is keeping them from becoming elite program - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Needs to be fixed...

Woe Is The Nebraska Offense

Sammy Vegas at DXP looks at the Nebraska Offense, but he has ideas on how to fix it.

Louisiana wideout decommits from NU

"I told Coach Gilmore that I was having doubts about where I fit into their offense. It was just not clicking with me because I’m a slot receiver and they’re really not using a slot receiver anymore," Carter told Rivals.

Need an identity, Sammy Vegas has an idea in the DXP link. I don't care what it is I just want to be able to score in more than multiples of 3.-JL

Report links Nutt with vacant Kansas position

I'd much rather see Houston Nutt than Turner Gill at Kansas. Nutt is a decent coach (decent enough for Kansas), and he's well... he's rather whacky. It'd be loads of fun having him in the conference. Would AD Lew Perkins take that into account? I hope so. - JJ
If they hire Nutt go ahead and start watching the police reports in Lawrence.-JL

Report: KU's Perkins met with Gill on Sunday

Turner Gill interviewing at Kansas. Gill is one of the most beloved Huskers ever. The thought of him coaching for a Big 12 North opponent is.... not desirable. Maybe his name isn't big enough for Kansas? - JJ