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Did Nebraska Get Screwed in the Big 12 Title game?

There's a lot of angst going around about that one second that was put back on the clock that allowed Texas to kick their winning field goal.

Did the ball hit out of bounds with a second remaining? Admittedly, not as high-def as you'd like, but it's not that bad, either. The ball did hit out of bounds with one second left.


A lot of the contention is whether or not the officials should have put one second back on the clock after time had expired. Bo Pelini will get an explanation from the Big 12 this week, and whatever it is it won't change anything. 

What will be remembered, however, is the image of Mack Brown gesturing for one second to be put back on the clock.



The game might remind Husker fans on the '94 Orange Bowl in which Nebraska was granted one more second before sailing a field goal attempt wide in the 18-16 loss to Florida State. I'd rather go back a little further, however, when putting time back on the clock had much darker meaning. I find the parallels to be much closer than the '94 game.

I am, of course, talking about those commie bastards that stole the 1972 Olympics basketball gold medal:


If you ever wondered whether or not Texas truly is the "evil empire", well... you don't get any more "evil empire" than either of those examples, do you?